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BuildTak Original 3D Printing Surface - Black

BuildTak Original 3D Printing Surface - Black

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Our first build surface that kick-started it all for us. The BuildTak Original surface is our most versatile of the print surfaces we sell, with compatibility with the widest range of materials. If you are unsure of the materials you will be printing or plan to print a wide variety of material, the BuildTak Original surface is the best place to start. 

The BuildTak Original surface will last for several prints when properly maintained. If your exact model of printers is not one of our pre-supported sizes, a larger sheet can be easily cut down with a standard pair of scissors to fit on any machine.

This product comes in matte black. The color of the print surface is purely cosmetic and will not affect performance.

NOTICE: Allow for 1-2 weeks lead time due to supply issues. We are also under the process of liner changing on our adhesive. Please rest assured that although the liner is different, the performance will be the same.

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