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BuildTak FlexPlate with Surface

BuildTak FlexPlate with Surface

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Dimensions inches (mm)

Grab yourself another FlexPlate to keep the printing going! Now pre-laminated with the surface of you choice!

Choose between the following: 

  • BuildTak Original for your every day PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, and more!
  • Prints sticking too well? Choose BuildTak PEI for a more durable surface. We recommend this for your tough to remove ABS and PETG prints.
  • Try our Nylon+ surface to explore the world of Nylon printing with a glassy finish!

Remove the entire flexible spring steel sheet from your 3D printer to bend it, flex it, and twist it to get your 3D print to pop right off!

Disclaimer: Allow for an addition 1 week lead time for product processing

This Item Includes:

  • ‍1 – BuildTak FlexPlate
  • – BuildTak surface of your choice

‍(Magnetic mounting bases are not included with this item)

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